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Bruno LEDUC's biography

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Hyade Odyssee

Bruno LEDUC, arisen from a Breton dad and from a Basque mom,
is installed since his adolescence on the Basque coast.

He began to draw in 12 years. His first influences arose from comic strips: Héroic Fantasy, Rahan and Conan's illustrations the barbarian.

The universe strange and fascinating that it describes us incites us to the journey, in a dreamlike and mesmerizing world where, the past appears from future and slowly makes us lose the sense of the space, of time and of the reality. Of our reality.

Through his various paintings, Bruno also expresses his anger and his indignation which inspires him our "world".

He also proposes self-portraits, landscapes and makes some breaks on the culture of his youth: the Basque culture.

We feel, through its whole work, that he juggles with them
Colors, the effects and the materials to express his vision of our world.


Alain, his brother